Welcome to the Aargus web site. Aargus is a fully owned and operated Australian company that has been structured and tailored to suit market needs. The definition of the word Aargus, as taken from the Oxford Dictionary, portrays the watchful guardian. In Greek Mythology, Aargus was known as the person with one hundred eyes. Today, we have combined both definitions to create a philosophy and logo signifying a global grid with an eye..."watching over the earth".

Aargus has been formed from a consortium of key professionals from Australia's leading environmental and management companies who are specialists in land contamination, remediation, wastewater, geotechnical engineering, soil testing and drilling, chemicals, occupational health and safety and marketing.

The experienced Aargus team of professionals understand the goals of business development but also appreciate the impediments and risks that environmental concerns, effective marketing or business strategies present. To help our clients manage the complex issues associated with the extensive use of chemicals in our society, demassification of markets and business rationalisation, Aargus has developed Integrated Environmental Management Services (IEMS) that help decision-makers balance market and environmental risks with fundamental economic interests. A total environmental management package that can offer chemicals for operations, trade waste, auditing, remediation and all company's environmental compliance issues. Aargus combines inputs from environmental and soil scientists, hydrogeologists and engineers, marketing professionals, business analysts, industrial hygienists, chemists, ecologists and toxicologists. From initial planning to complete project management, Aargus offers its clients complete technical expertise and reliable, insightful advice.


Aargus consists of offices located in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and 4 overseas offices located throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Primary services that can be provided are shown below:

• Environmental Services for Soil, Air, Noise, Water, Waste and Industry
• Environmental Remediation and Treatment Services
• Geotechnical Engineering, Drilling and NATA Accredited Laboratory Testing
• Retail Shops & Vans supplying products & re-using packaging
• Corporate & Personal Training

Aargus has combined these businesses to provide an Integrated Environmental Management Service at the one contact point. Over 8,000 projects conducted throughout all disciplines.



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